Nab- It

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Nab- It (van de makers van Scrabble)


*LET OP! Dit spel is in het Engels en de handleiding ontbreekt.



Leeftijd: Vanaf 8 jaar

Aantal spelers: 2-4



The family game of stolen words



The game

Nab-It is a world-building board game that challenges your creative thinking. Link your colored tiles together to create words crossword style to earn points - and steal words from your opponents by stacking your tiles on top of theirs. Suspend builds as the letter stacks get higher and control shifts from player to player.


If you've got the most words showing when all the tiles have been used, you win! With its colorful files, simple scoring, and unpredictable play, Nab-It is an exciting family game that anyone can play and win - and it just might become your new favorite game.


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